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Archive: 22 Oct 2016

Picture of the Day – October 22nd

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Recipe for Fish Roll and Croquettes

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Food Report for the 22nd of October 2016.

Fish roll and Croquettes: (for 7 Very hungy, people)

Basic ingredients
Same volume of mozzarella cheese to salmon,
2 Cups of flakes of dehydrated mash potatoes,
2 Cups of water,
3 Tbsp of olive oil or butter,
1 Cup of milk,
A pinch of crystallize lemon,
A pinch of ginger powder,
A pinch of black pepper,
3 pinch of powder thyme leave.

Unique to the salmon rolls
1 can of pink salmon (418g).

Unique to the croquettes
Half a cup of dried sweet corn,
Half a cup of sweet peas,
1 cup of dried Soy sausage.

For the crust
A bowl o f flakes of dehydrated mash potatoes,
A bowl of flour,
A bowl of crystallize egg with the right amount of water.


Step 01: Hydrate the vegetables in the right amount of water.

Step 02: In large mixing bowl, put the flakes of dehydrated mash potatoes, the water, the olive oil and the milk and mix well.

Step 03: Once it is well mixed add the crystallize lemon, the ginger powder, the black pepper and thyme leave, and mix until uniform.

Step 04: Split the mixing bowl in three equal part.

Step 05: In one of the part add the can salmon and mix well, until uniform.
In the second part add the hydrated sweet corn and the hydrated sweet peas, until uniform.
In the third part add the Soy sausage, until uniform.

Step 06: Prepare the dipping station for making the crust

Step 06.1: Prepare 2 plates that can go in the oven large enough to hold together all 3 parts. Ideally cover the plates with aluminum paper.

Step 06.2: First station: Flour
Prepare a low border bowl filled with flour.

Step 06.3: Second station: Eggs
Prepare a bowl filled with hydrated crystallize eggs.

Step 06.4: Third station: Mash potatoes
Prepare a low border bowl filled with flakes of dehydrated mash potatoes.

Step 07: Take a small ball from one of the part.
If its the salmon part, shape a cylinder with the ball
If any other part make a oval shape with a thickness of about 1 centimeter.

Step 08: Dip the newly shape ball in the flour station, covering the whole surface.

Step 09: Dip the newly shape ball in the eggs station, covering the whole floured surface.

Step 10: Dip the newly shape ball in the mash potatoes station, covering the while surface.

Step 11: Place the raw final product on one of the oven plate.

Step 12: Repeat step 07 to 11 until all the parts of empty and all the plates are filled.

Step 13: Put all the oven plates in the oven at 350F for around 1h or until the exterior is brown and the inside is cook.

croquette out-of-the-oven salmon-rolls working-station

Sol Summary – October 22nd

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Person filling out report: Anastasiya Stepanova

Summary Title: Writing day

Mission status: Operations are nominal

Sol activity Summary: Crew patches arrived and they look great. The EVA crew had short engineering check ups on fuel tank, the level of fuel in the ATV’s, water reservoir. The rest of the day crew was writing the reports and working on the projects.

Anomalies in work: No

Weather: Sunny, no wind, mild temperature

Crew Physical Status: Good

EVA: Engineering check ups

Sol Journal – October 22nd

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The journalist on Mars?

This report was filed by Anastasiya Stepanova- Crew Journalist

Why the heck do we need journalists on Mars? Yes, I understand your concerns, but here is the story!

The year 2013, cold Moscow. I arrived to the Space museum for Robert’s Zubrin speech. Few hours later the world has changed for me. I had an opportunity to drive Robert back to the hotel and while we were stuck in terrible Moscow traffic, we talked about, of course, space. Back than I was simple PR manager, who was dreaming about space but thought it is impossible to tie it in  my life fully. Robert told me about Mars Desert Research and Flashline Stations and the coming call for volunteers for Mars Arctic 365 mission.

“Oh, I wish I could go there, but I’m not a scientist or an engineer, what is the use of me!” – I said, with regrets of having just one Master’s degree in Space Journalism. Robert’s reply was very surprising. “It is also important to be able to tell the story of sea or, now days, space travel adventures. All those great space engineers and astronauts fail madly in love with space after reading Ray Bradbury, Arthur Clarke, Robert Heinlein and etc. Back in the old days when explorers were opening new lands, they were writing diaries. Some of them just put on the dry data, but many wrote detailed narratives, which made our understanding of the past so rich. So, if you really want to become one of the Mars Arctic mission crew members, you should apply and we will see how bad you want it!”

And so did I. First, I got into semi-finals and spent 2 weeks at Mars Desert Research Station in 2014, then to finals and now, here I am, being a part of unique Mars 160 mission. I’m proud to be a crew journalist and to see how our stories about living on Mars has influenced, inspired and enlightened the readers. Many people are interested in space, but can’t be bothered reading long scientific papers. They don’t want to go into dry data, they want simple explanations that can be sometimes implemented in their own lives. People want to understand: why we are living in can box in the middle of desert for several months; how this can help get humans to Mars; how this can help people here on Earth? I absorb all information that I get here from our talented scientists and engineers, from the experience living in simulation, from the experience of living in the constraints and transform it to the public through my stories.

Of course, the first crew, which lands on Mars will not have the journalist, but it will have scientists or engineer, who will write beautiful narratives of the biggest adventures in human history. And guess what, now I’m getting my second degree in Robotics. An engineer-journalist crew member might be the next future profession on Mars!

National Patch & Role Tags – October 22nd

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Yesterday we received our national patches and the tags that indicate our different roles on the crew. You can see we are an international crew with different cultures and different languages but here we are, all under the Martian flag!



Crew Photos – October 22nd

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Red Hills

Red Hills













Crew geologist Dr. Clarke

Crew geologist Dr. Clarke


Crew at work

Crew at work