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Archive: 02 Oct 2016

A Recipe for Nan Bread from the Crew

October 2, 2016 | Permalink

This report was submitted by Alexandre Mangeot – Crew Commander


Food Report for 2nd of October 2016.

Almost Nan bread: (for 6 breads)

–    5/2 cup of all purpose flour.

–    250 ml of water

–    pinch of salt

Step 1: Mix everything in a mix bowl.

Step 2: X the dough until it is homogeneous.

Step 3: Separate the dough into six (6) equal portions.

Step 4: Heat a non adhesive-pan with medium low heat and flour a flat surface.

If you do not have a non adhesive-pan you can use oil in the pan.

Step 5: Take one portion of dough and flatten it on the flour surface until the desire size is reach.

Thickness of the flat dough should be between 5 millimeter and a centimeter.

Step 6: Put the flatten dough in the pan for thirty seconds.

Step 7: Turn the dough and let it cook for two minutes.

Step 8: Repeat step 5 to 7 until the mix bowl is empty.

Sol Journal for October 2nd

October 2, 2016 | Permalink

This report was filed by Anastasiya Stepanova- Crew Journalist

We are not alone

Seven strangers arrive to my station. Cleaned all the sand and mud, thrown away my favorite stuff, they call it “rubbish” and just made all this mess! It is so loud. Oh, those humans always talk, but never leave food! Useless, useless humans – thought Jerry while he was watching how a woman was putting cheese cans, boxes of dry meat and chocolate into pantry.

He ran to the hole in space between two floors of station. It was his safe place. Jerry spent so much time trying to make it nice and cozy. Finding pieces of foam rubber, cloth and wood; putting it all together to one corner, nicely organized into ravel.

What? Where did it all go? I knew they will give me a headache. How rude without a permission to take away my stuff! I will teach them some manners when the darkness arrives and they will stop moving, talking, they call it a “sleep” time.

Jerry climbed on the edge of the bed, it was warm and soft here. He looked around and saw a kind face of the sleeping man. Jerry forgot about his plan to bite him and decided to look around, find safe place in the blanket and sleep a bit.

Those humans never stop moving. I couldn’t sleep well, since the man shook me off his shoulder. So I ran to the attic and even there was a human! Woman was hitting with fingers some metal board with printed apple on it.  She smiled and looked very occupied, so I decided I can come closer to search for some food. But she noticed me. I never saw such a big eyes. Maybe she was surprised how handsome I am, I do think I have the best fur. For my own sake I hide, took a pause to think where I can be safe. Humans are everywhere. Should I take it as an invasion?

This was a little story from our Martian packrat Jerry. We will keep you updated on his adventure with crew Mars 160.