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Archive: 14 Oct 2016

Picture of the Day – October 14th

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SSUlt Project – 2nd Entry

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Is this wired correctly?!

When you do such a project on your own, many different things has to be done. Last time I tried my circuitry, the components were on a breadbord. What if I made a mistake on the printed circuitry? I did that more than a month ago and since then, tons of differents events have happened to me. What if I forgot something that should be done before turning on the power?

Usually I am quite confident, but today I was not sure about what was going to happen when I switched that on. I started this project in January of this year and I had to review some stuff I did 9 months ago. So this project was very complex to manage by myself only.


Nine months of hard work for few seconds of terror… Yep I did my job properly. The Linux-based operating system is booting on this tiny computer called a Raspberry Pi. The desktop is displayed few seconds later. I open a terminal, type few command lines. Yep I really did my job properly! I was so happy that I shout it out loud.

These terminal output might be obscured to you but the left one actually said that the system has reached 4 sensors on the I2C bus while the right one is prompting the GPS chip outputs from the UART bus (I leave the technical details for a later post). So basically the hardware is behaving as expected. This is a great victory for today!


Crew Photos – October 14th

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EVA Journal – October 14th

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Sol Summary – October 14th

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Person filling out report: Crew journalist Anastasiya Stepanova

Summary Title: Happy day – hard work and showers for the whole crew!

Mission status: Operations are going to be nominal soon. Furniture has arrived.

Sol activity Summary: The EVA crew found gypsum and brought some samples for further use,  observed geological features. Furniture has arrived and will be assembled tomorrow. We conducted the first session of the Habitability study. The whole crew has taken the shower, because of the water surplus. The rest of the crew had physical activities and writing reports.

Anomalies in work:  No

Weather: Warm during the day, strong wind, dusty

Crew Physical Status: Good

EVA: Geology observation and gypsum scouting