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Mars 160 in the News

December 16

Notes from Mars 160: Why Field Drawing Is Important to Mars Exploration (


December 14
Take a 360 Tour of a Mars Base Simulator with Nat Geo, Mars Society (
Mars 160 Coverage: Training for a Manned Mission to Mars (

December 13

Facebook Live 360 Video (Facebook)

Live 360-degree videos are coming to Facebook (Mashable)

Facebook launches Live 360 video from NatGeo now, everyone next year (TechCrunch)

Mars emulation kicks off launch of live-stream 360 video on Facebook Live (Digital Trends)

Facebook Launching ‘Live 360’ Feature (PC Magazine)

WATCH LIVE: Facebook and NatGeo launch live 360 video from Mars Desert Research Station (Traveller24)

December 12

Facebook and National Geographic launch Live 360 video with coverage from the Mars Desert Research Station facility in Utah

Facebook Launches Live 360-Degree Video Streaming (Variety)


December 9

Notes from Mars 160: The Space Architecture of Yusuke Murakami (


November 30

Essex graduate Anushree Srivastava joins Mars mission simulation in Utah desert (University of Essex)


November 29

Letter from Anushree Srivastava (Astroproject)


November 25

Notes from Mars 160: The Science Work We’re Doing (


November 18

A Mars 160 Crew Message: CapCom, We Hear You! (


November 11

Mars 160 Crew Gets New Neighbors in the Utah Desert (


November 4

Notes from Mars 160: Making Field Sketches During an EVA (


October 28

How the Mars 160 Crew Stays Busy and Healthy (


October 21

Taking an EVA with the Mars 160 Crew (


October 8

Notes from Mars 160: The Mars Society’s Epic Simulation (


October 4

Un Français vient de partir en mission “sur Mars”, il nous raconte ses premiers jours sur la planète rouge (French news article)


September 25

First phase of mock ‘Mars 160’ mission begins in Utah (International Business Times)


September 24

160-Day Mars Mission Simulation Kicks Off in Utah (


September 23

80-Day Mock Mars Mission Begins Saturday in Utah (