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SSUlt Project – 2nd Entry

October 14, 2016

Is this wired correctly?!

When you do such a project on your own, many different things has to be done. Last time I tried my circuitry, the components were on a breadbord. What if I made a mistake on the printed circuitry? I did that more than a month ago and since then, tons of differents events have happened to me. What if I forgot something that should be done before turning on the power?

Usually I am quite confident, but today I was not sure about what was going to happen when I switched that on. I started this project in January of this year and I had to review some stuff I did 9 months ago. So this project was very complex to manage by myself only.


Nine months of hard work for few seconds of terror… Yep I did my job properly. The Linux-based operating system is booting on this tiny computer called a Raspberry Pi. The desktop is displayed few seconds later. I open a terminal, type few command lines. Yep I really did my job properly! I was so happy that I shout it out loud.

These terminal output might be obscured to you but the left one actually said that the system has reached 4 sensors on the I2C bus while the right one is prompting the GPS chip outputs from the UART bus (I leave the technical details for a later post). So basically the hardware is behaving as expected. This is a great victory for today!