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Sol Summary – December 8th

December 8, 2016

Sol Summary Report (SSR):


Person filling out report: Annalea Beattie

Summary Title: Another Day Not Like Any Other

Mission Status: on track

Sol Activity Summary:

We are counting down now as the end of the mission approaches. At ten am Anastasiya, Yusuke, Claude-Michel went outside and made a wonderful film for outreach for school kids in Star City (and also for general mission outreach).

Half an hour later Yusuke and Claude- Michel made a dome video measuring human scale against the architecture of the dome.

Anu spent most of the day in the lab and then finished her hypolith report. Then both Anastasiya and Anu cleaned the green hab ready for the next crew. I worked on my last article, interviewing myself.

Jon was HabCom for the EVA and wrote reports. Now he is cooking.


I cooked lunch with a bit of an experiment making biscuits out of flaxseed and garlic salt as we are out of flour. But although some people said they were ok, they were inedible to me, bordering on nasty. Too late I worried about everyone eating them as I don’t think we need the roughage.


And sadly the brains of my tomato smartpot (Spot 3) stopped responding this morning, a bit like my brains. Claude-Michel saved the day and rebooted all.


Vale, John Glenn, first American to orbit the Earth.


Reports Submitted to CapCom:

  1.   Sol Summary- Annalea
  2.   Journalist report- Anastasiya
  3.   Electric rover report- Jon
  4. Pictures – Anastasiya
  5. Photos of the Day – yes


MDRS lessons for today

Put aside some good food for the end of the mission when you really need a boost.


Plans for tomorrow: EVAs.

Crew Physical Status: Perfect.

Weather: chilly

Anomalies: no