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Recipe for Monstrous Pancake Cake

December 5, 2016

Food Report for the 4th of December 2016.

monstreous-cake-presentation montreous-cake-layout

Monstrous Pancake cake : (for Very hungry and cake desperate, sweets lovers.)

Enough pancake mix to make 5 larges pancake. (plus all the other ingredients to make the pancakes)
1 Can of cherry pie mix.
1 Cup of dehydrated banana.
1 Cup of dehydrated strawberries
1 Cup of dehydrated raspberry
A full packets of chocolate pudding (The more the merrier)

For this recipe it is important that you have enough chocolate pudding to cover to the whole cake plus to fill each layers.

Making the Pancakes
Step MtP – 1: Heat a frying pan to medium low heat.

Step MtP – 2 : Cook all the pancake mix into 5 large pancakes, until they are golden brown on both sides.

Making Each layers
Step MEL – 01 : To make the first layer, put the first pancake on the serving dish.

Step MEL – 02 : Cover the pancake with the cherry pie mix.

Step MEL – 03 : Put the second pancake on top of the cherry pie mix.

Step MEL – 04 : Cover the pancake with chocolate pudding and add all the strawberries on the pudding.

Step MEL – 05 : Cover the strawberries and pudding with the third pancake.

Step MEL – 06 : Cover the pancake with chocolate pudding and add all the bananas on the pudding.

Step MEL – 07 : Cover the bananas and pudding with the forth pancake

Step MEL – 08 : Cover the pancake with chocolate pudding and add all the raspberries on the raspberry.

Step MEL – 09 : Cover the raspberries and chocolate pudding with the fifth and last pancake.

Step MEL – 10 : Cover the last pancake with chocolate pudding. Cover the all sides of the cake with chocolate pudding.

Step MEL – 11 : Put the cake in the fridge to cool down, and then serve to all your friends, family and guest.

This desert is best serve with balloons, confetti and a large appetite.

We made this cake not thinking that it would be good, but it ended up being the monster we thought it was, the kind of in «Where the Wild Things Are» sweet, and delicious and inoffensive. We all ate the cake and like it, the different layers really added to the experience and the pleasure of sharing this meal. I hope, if you try this, you will share the same experience as us.

As always please try this at home. Very little supervision is require, and to eat. Please enjoy.