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Recipe for Legendary Potatoes

December 6, 2016

Here is a main meal where two side dish were combine to create a really great meal that I found most exciting and delicious.

Food Report for the 6th of December 2016.

Legendary Potatoes or Potato soup with couscous: (for adventurous potatoes hungry that are not afraid to step on a new continent to save the world of … )

        For the Soup
3 Cup of «Augason farms» creamy potato soup mix. (or any other brand for 9 portions)
9 ¾ Cup of water (for the soup)
A handful of dehydrated spinach
Half of a handful of dehydrated celery
Half of a handful of dehydrated leak flake.
For the Couscous
A box «Near East» couscous mix, roasted garlic & olive oil flavors.
1 ¼ Cup of water. (for the couscous)
2 Tbsp of olive oil.

Note:  This portions were made for 7 but you could add more couscous to the mix. We didn’t had enough couscous in my opinion but we had plenty of soup.

Making the Soup
Step MtS – 1: Hydrate the hydrated vegetables with the right amount of water, remove excess of water.

Step MtS – 2 : Boil the water.

Step MtS – 3 : Put the soup mix in the water and stir.

Step MtS – 4 : As soon as the soup mix is well mixed in the water, add the vegetables. Let is cook for 20 to 25 minutes on low heat. Make sure you keep an eye on it, the soup mix will try to escape.

Making the Couscous
Step MtC – 1 : Heat in a pan, the water and the olive oil, until it boil.

Step MtC – 2 : Add the packets of spices inside the water and mix

Step MtC – 3 : Once the spices are well mixed, add the couscous stir, close the fire and let it rest. Once all the water as been absorb the couscous will be ready,

Making the Meal Legendary
Step MtML – 1 : In a bowl, put a share of the couscous.

Step MtML – 2 : Drown, or flood the couscous with the soup.

Step MtML – 3 : Serve it and let them discover the treat that is hidden in the soup and enjoy.

Potato Soup with more.

Potato Soup with more.

I discover this meal by accident. Not really by accident but by trying something different. One day we had soup and couscous for lunch, and I didn’t want to eat the little amount of couscous we had left by itself so I put my share in my soup and created this awesome meal. A lot of option and variation are possible so by using this basic recipe you can adapt it to make it your own, cooking should be an adventure filled with discovery, emotions and friends.

This meal is best serve with bread of your choice, French bread is a really good option.

As always please try this at home. Very little supervision is require, and to eat. Please enjoy.

Claude-Michel Laroche
Mars 160 – Crew Engineer