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Recipe for A Bed of Fried Rice

December 10, 2016

Food Report for the 10th of December 2016.

A bed for fried rice: (for people who are very affectionate for rice and want to build them a small bed. To make it more comfortable before eating it)

1 kg of brown Rice / 7 persons
Twice the volume of rice for the water.
Some oil to fry the rice

Meat pillow
2 can of SPAM / 7 persons
1 cup of dehydrated green beans
1 cup of dehydrated carrots
Some water to hydrate

Egg blanket
2 Eggs / persons
1 Cup of dehydrated cheese
Some water to hydrate

Note:  we had way too much food, so you can cut the portion a little, but make sure you still have enough eggs to cover the rice near the end, we still want the rice to be warm and cozy before we eat it.

Making the Rice.
Step MtR – 1 : Put all the rice and twice the volume of water in a pan.

Step MtR – 2 : Once the rice is cook add some oil at the bottom of the pan and fry the rice

Making the Meat Pillow
Step MtMP – 1 : Hydrate the vegetables, if you added too much water, purge the excess.

Step MtMP – 2 : Open the can of SPAM and cut the meat in small pieces.

Step MtMP – 3 : In a pan mix all the ingredients until the meat has a golden brown cover.

Making the Egg Blanket
Step MtEB – 1 : Hydrate the Cheese. (which ever you prefer, Cheddar and Colby are good choices here.)

Step MtEB – 2 : Prepare the eggs in a mixing bowl, if you have powder eggs get the right amount of eggs and water, if you use fresh eggs, just crack them open and mix them together.

Step MtEB – 3 : In a large pan put one portion of eggs and let it solidify. Don’t let it get too crispy, ideally you want the eggs to be solid but still yellow.

Step MtEB – 4 : Once the bottom of the egg omelet is solid enough turn it around to cook the top part.

Step MtEB – 5 : As the new bottom part of the eggs get cook add the hydrated cheese on top of the omelet and let it melt.

Step MtEB – 6 : Once you feel the whole omelet is cook, fold the omelet on top of itself, in a way that the cheese become a middle layer of the omelet.

Making the Plate Right
Step MtPR – 1 : To make the plate right, first you must put the rice in a upside down bowl shape on a plate.

Step MtPR – 2 : Put the meat pillow preparation and surround on third of the rice. Make it look like the rice is resting on the meat, like it was a pillow.

Step MtPR – 3 : Cover the opposite side of the rice to where the meat is with the omelet. The rick here is to lay the omelet on top on the rice like you would cover someone with a blanket. The cheese might run down, but that is fine.

Step MtPR – 4 : Serve it to all your guests, friends and family. Tell them all to be quit, the rice is probably sleeping..

Yusuke made this meal for us using an extra large quantity of food, to our pleasure. The mix of rice and  eggs was a first in this mission and the extra meat was very welcome. Another Yusuke experiment that was successful and delicious.

As always please try this at home. Very little supervision is require, and to eat. Please enjoy.