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Sol Summary – November 8th

November 8, 2016

Person filling out report: Annalea Beattie

Summary Title:
A Short EVA with a Fantastic Geological Tool, SPLIT, and Cleaning the Lab Day.

Mission Status: On track

Sol Activity Summary:

Today was a scheduled visit from our neighbours from the U.K. Rover Field Trials. UK Commander Mike Curtis-Rouse, our Commander Alex Mangeot and geologist Jon Clarke all suited up. In the vicinity of the hab, Alex trialed his space suit interface with positive results and found his way point using the SSUIt GPS, although it did register forty-one degrees inside the suit.

John Holt from Leicester University brought over the percussive geologist hammer SPLITT which is a rover platform instrument that cleaves rocks with very little effort, using only 1- 3 watts. Our geologist Jon Clarke gave it a trial run in the field.
This afternoon we cleaned up, now reports and cooking green Thai Curry.
Yes, early bed again, no one stays up, not even me.

MDRS lessons:

1. Dust is bad for your skin.
2. It’s possible to screw through a metal door with a hand held screw driver.

Plans: EVA to trial SPLIT in the field plus lichen sampling.

Crew Physical Status: Excellent shape, just look at us.

Weather: Warm with a blue blue sky and pink sunset.


1. For the second day in a row the internet has dropped again from a 1000 to 500 mb. with no explanation.