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Sol Summary – November 6th

November 6, 2016

Sol# 44

Person filling out report: Annalea Beattie

Summary Title: Back to work, it’s a sunny day.

Mission Status: On track

Sol Activity Summary:

This morning we met after breakfast to plan out the science EVAs and the science return for the next few weeks. We discussed the length of our mission, in relation to the key science areas and how to balance our science projects, allocating time and resources for each. We reviewed science sampling strategies in the field and clarified collaboration and role allocation, according to what is required by each project.

This afternoon, after a quick soup lunch we continue our science operations trials in the field. We all went on an EVA to an environment that is rich in gypsum and potentially halophiles, without our spacesuits. The aim was to compare efficiency and maximum science return in the field in and out of simulation.

We arrived late home to our hab, the moon is up and it’s starting to cool off in the evenings. Quick dinner, reports and an early night for us.

MDRS lessons:

  1. Remember to change your clocks! Spring forward, fall back.
  1. If you visit a spectacular location, always take the wide angle.
  1. If you visit a spectacular location, don’t leave your tripod on the ground and drive off.


Geologists from the UK Rover Trials will visit the hab in the morning with the percussive geologist hammer SPLIT and Jon Clarke will test it out in the space suit.

Science Operations trials continue tomorrow lunch time with an EVA in full simulation.

Crew Physical Status: Healthy

Weather: lovely day, sunny and mild

Anomolies: Shower day for me.