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Sol Summary – November 30th

November 30, 2016

Sol# 68

Person filling out report: Annalea Beattie

Summary Title: A Day Spent in Translation

Mission Status on track:

Sol Activity Summary: 

The days are flying by. The ice didn’t melt on the ground today and it was minus ten overnight and minus two this morning. Water arrived so there was a morning EVA today to transfer it to the tanks.

Later Anu, Claude-Michel, Yusuke and Anastasiya all spent time translating the second key report into their language of origin. Hindi was especially difficult for Anu when she came to the words ‘hypolith’ and ‘halophiles’.

Jon was HabCom for the EVA crew today and then worked on yesterday’s samples from the EVA, in particular the lithology of limestone and chert pebbles and what they mean for geology.

Alex spent time programming the spacesuit interface today with very successful results –  the main program is up and running now for four hours without crashing.

And me, not so productive today but I did a bit of housework and then a series of admin. writing jobs. Yoga, yes ! Yusuke cooked us a lovely dinner. Early night. Over and out. 

Reports Submitted to CapCom: 

  1.   Sol Summary- Annalea
  2.   Journalist report – Anastasiya-
  3.   EVA narrative- Anu
  4.   Food report- Claude-Michel
  5.  Pictures – Anastasiya
  6.   Photo of the Day – yes

MDRS lessons:  Words of wisdom from Yusuke

(Tonight’s words of wisdom inspired by an African idiom of unknown origins)

If you want to go faster go by yourself. If you want to go further, go with your friends.

Plans for tomorrow: EVA Hypolith sampling

Crew Physical Status: Excellent.

Weather: Very chilly, no wind.

Anomalies: Our generator was making an odd thumping noise so it was shut down – we are now operating on the backup.