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Sol Summary – November 2nd

November 2, 2016

Sol #34 Where am I? Mars?

What the heck? This desert has to be the best Mars analogue site in the world. For the first time, as far as I know, four international Mars analogue expeditions are working in the same area. Field crews of scientists and engineers from Canada, (the Canadian Space Agency), Germany (DLR) and the United Kingdom (U.K. Space Agency) are based here within ten km. of our Mars Desert Research Station. We drove past their yurts and robots on our way to a special science operations trial in a remote cliff alcove further north.

This morning, bright and sunny, our crew began an intensive four day study of a site specific simulated working environment in the field. Our geologist Jon, biologist Anushree, lichen generalist Yusuke, Shannon as research control and me as field artist all spent time in a previously unknown area, sampling lichens and investigating the geology. This was not a usual field science EVA but one that emphasized science operations. Our goal here was to try to understand how we work in simulation effectively, with the maximum science return within strict two hour time constraints. Anastasiya, as film maker documented us and we all took plenty of photos and notes, paying particular attention to processes in terms of techniques and tools.

This afternoon because this is a special Sim/no Sim day we exchanged visits with the UK space agency and the Canadian Space Agency. Yet to greet and meet the Germans!

Look to Alex’s report for more detail.

As we drove home, we passed the collections of tents next to the road, large and small rovers, flags of the world flying and everyone waving. Windy this morning, someone’s washing had already blown away.