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Sol Journal – November 24th

November 24, 2016

Sol Summary Report (SSR):

Sol# 62

Person filling out report: Annalea Beattie

Summary Title: Happy Thanksgiving!

Mission Status: Better than on track.

Sol Activity Summary:

Thanksgiving. There was an EVA today with Yusuke, Jon and Alex lichen sampling for the first time with no results. At home, we did the floors. Yusuke and Claude-Michel equalised EC levels and changed filters on plants, (numbers 24 and 7 need fifteen drops of pH) then they moved to cooking, added more flour to the gnocchi and recut them, which took hours. Alex is close to finishing one major modification on the space suit. Anu processed hypoliths samples in the lab this afternoon. Jon and I met at three to discuss the data and the themes for the science operations EVA project. A fume hood arrived. Yoga, yes. I did reports, began, a bit of reading and worked through my field notes.

And now we have our quietest eighth crew member for dinner.

Claude-Michel is sharpening the knives.


Reports Submitted to CapCom:

  1. Sol Summary- Annalea
  2. Picture EVA narrative- Jon
  3. EVA narrative in photos
  4. Phase of the Day –
  5. Pictures – Anastasiya
  6. Photo of the Day – yes


MDRS lessons: Eat thanksgiving at lunch, (midday?)

(Non-Americans don’t understand you are meant to eat all day on Thanks giving.

We are just starting dinner now 6pm)


Plans for tomorrow: EVAs planned.

Crew Physical Status:  Excellent.

Weather: Sun is still warm when its out but anywhere with no sun is chilly.

Anomalies: Thanksgiving ??