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Sol Journal – November 10th

November 10, 2016

Sol# 48

Person filling out report: Annalea Beattie

Summary Title:  Weary muscles and finger-pads

Mission Status: on track

Sol Activity Summary:

Quite busy as always, we worked in and around the hab today, taking advantage of our final session of non-sim  before we return to full simulation this afternoon. Winds had blown the covers off our tunnel to the science dome so Yusuke and Anastasiya spent some time putting them all back in place. Jon and I fitted together and cemented plastic pipes to be laid in the new twenty-five metre electrical trench and Anu worked in the laboratory labelling and storing samples. Claude-Michel worked on the smartpots project and cooked lunch while Alex debugged his suit interface.

This afternoon we met and debriefed from the four day Twin Eva Project.

We finished the tunnel and returned to full simulation until the end of phase one of our mission. We all wrote field notes from the Twin Eva Project. We did human factors tests for Institute of Biomedical Medical Problems, including my favourite, the Colour Test. We wrote our human factors weekly diary to Polina (IBMP) . Jon wrote a plan for this week’s science EVAs and like the champion that he is, he also cooked baked potato dinner. Yusuke did a food inventory. Now onto our CapCom reports.

All’s well here in the hab . Business as usual.

P.S. (I think it’s a pity it’s not the night for our weekly episode of The Expanse).

MDRS lessons:

  1. Don’t put your head in a gas oven even if some one tells you its electric.
  1. When we go to the Arctic , everyone should have a set of head phones like Claude – Michel’s.
  1. When you work together, this is the best time to talk about life.


Plans: Geology EVA tomorrow

Crew Physical Status: All a bit tired today.

Weather: Cool start this morning and cool end to the day, the rest sunny.

Anomolies: Nyiet.