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Science Post – November 1st

November 1, 2016

Test Four: Science Drawing of Hypolith Samples in the Laboratory (Work in Progress)


In the lab, I drew a sample of lithobionts found under quartz pebbles in an undisturbed remnant area of gravel terrace area, south-east of the hab.

These rounded pebbles have been identified as quartz and chert, mostly by geologist Jon Clarke from the Permian succession near Capitol Reef.

I used the microscope to examine whether the colonies are growing on the surface of the underside of the rock (hypoliths), within the rock, (endoliths) or within the cracks of the rock (chasmoliths). Then I carefully drew the outline of the underside of each rock to scale, noting orientation to the north and marked in the percentage of  lithobiont growth to get a sense of the data that is hard to quantify numerically.

In terms of science drawing, I wanted to draw all sample drawings on the one page. Next, I will examine my simple line drawings in relation to a photograph of each sample rock taken by our crew biologist Anushree, to try to analyze what can be discovered about differing kinds of images and techniques of documentation.

fig3 fig4