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Recipe for tuna and beans salad with sweet potatoes fries

November 30, 2016

Here is a main meal where color is on the front side. Each half are different but goes together like potatoes and Mars.

Food Report for of November 2016.

Tuna and beans salad with sweet potatoes fries: (for a very confused person who wants to eat healthy but still wants a side of fries)

tuna and beans salad with sweat potatoes

tuna and beans salad with sweat potatoes

Sweet potatoes fries
1 Sweet potatoes / person
Olive oil (to fry)
Half a can of tuna can / person
Quarter cup of dehydrated corn
2 Cup of pre cut dehydrated green beans
Some olive oil

Note: The portions are suggested, you can do more or less if you prefer more or less of any.

Making the Sweet Potatoes
Step MtSP – 1: Pre heat a pan with a thin layer of oil. The oil need to be warm/hot, but not boiling.

Step MtSP – 2: Cut the sweet potatoes in fries like shape.

Step MtSP – 3: Fry the newly cut sweet potatoes in the warm/hot oil. Fry them until the texture is how you want them to be. We had them cook but still not crunchy. The longer you keep them frying the crunchier they will get.

Making the Salad
MtS – 1: Hydrate all the vegetables in the right amount of water.

MtS – 2: Open the tuna can.

Mts – 3: In a mixing bowl, mix all the vegetables and the tuna. The tuna can be in chunk or in flake, it will all be good.

MtS – 4: Spread olive oil in the mix to make it extra reflective and add some spice.

Making the plate
MtP – 1: Take a plate and cu tit in half in your mind.

MtP – 2: In the first half put a portion of sweet potato fries.

MtP – 3: In the second half put a portion of the salad.

MtP – 4: Serve to all you guest and friends. Don’t forget to be proud of it, even if some of them are fries it is basically only vegetables you are serving.

We had this meal as a try out on the new dehydrated vegetables we received along side some sweet potatoes. Even if we didn’t see any sweet potatoes in the Martian, I know he really wanted to have some.

As always please try this at home. Very little supervision is required to make and to eat. Please enjoy.

Claude-Michel Laroche
Mars 160 – Crew Engineer