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Recipe for potatoes on potatoes and potatoes

November 9, 2016

Potatoes on potatoes and potatoes: (for all your potatoes lovers )

The soup:
1 pack of Beer Creek, creamy potatoes soup.(any other brand will do; might need different amount of water)
8 cups of water.

The chips
1 bag of nature Lays potato chips

Mashed potatoes
4 cups of potato flakes..
4 cups of water
2 cups of milk
6 Tbsp. Of olive oil or butter / margarine.
A pinch of salt


The soup
Step 1-1: Boil 8 cups of water, in a pan.

Step 1-2: Add the soup mix in the boiling water, reduce the heat to medium-low and simmer.

Th chips:
Step 2-1: Open the bag of chips

Step 2-2: Try not to eat them all before the meal is ready

Mashed Potatoes
Step 3-1: Heat 4 cup of water in a pan

Step 3-2: Once heated, remove from heat and add 2 cups of milk

Step 3-3 Stir the mix until you have the wanted consistency.

Making the dream come true
Step 4-1: Serve the soup in a bowl.
Step 4-2: In a plate, serve the mashed potatoes and add some chip on the side.

Step 4-3: serve to your hungry potatoes lover.