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Recipe for Mixed L(Br)unch

November 13, 2016


Food Report for the 13th of November 2016.

Mixed l(br)unch: (for all your friend that doesn’t know what to make to eat and where you pulled the short straw)

A bread (for favorite brand and name, we cooked our own cause we can),
2 Sweet potatoes,
Half a cup of dehydrated diced tomatoes / person,
Half a cup of dehydrated cheese / person (we used Mozzarella),
Half a cup of dehydrated onions,
Quarter cup of dehydrated carrots, and
A can of Dak ham.

Note: Quantity can vary on local preference and for preferred seasoning.

First quarter of the plate
Step 1-1: Cut the sweet potatoes in fries like shape.

Step 1-2: Fry them in a pan using olive oil, until they are crispy enough for your taste.

Second quarter of the plate
Step 2-1: Open the Dak ham can, and cut the ham in tiny cubes ( if cut in, it is fine, we won’t tell)

Step 2-2: Fry the ham whit the hydrated onions in a pan, until the ham get browned. you can use the same one as in the first quarter of the plate.

Third quarter of the plate
Step 3-1: Put hydrated tomatoes, carrot and cheese in a pan and fry them all.

Step 3-2: Fry them all until they are at your desire consistency.

Forth quarter of the plate
Step 4-1: Cut a slice of bread and put it in the plate.

Step 5-1: put a portion of each quarter in a plate and EAT.