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Recipe for Martian Nachos

November 21, 2016

Food Report for of Novembre 2016.

Martian nachos: (for hungry friend who want to get more junk food but don’t want to leave Mars.)

A bag of Nachos chips, (for favorite kind, and brand, we are not fancy on mars)
A lot of cheese, the more cheese the better (around 1 cup per person should be enough)
1 cup of dehydrated beef crumble / person.
Half a cup of dehydrated onions / person
Half a cup of dehydrated diced jalapenos / person
Some Salsa (as spicy as you want of your favorite kind and brand)
A bottle of maple syrup (I recommend real maple syrup not telephone pole juice syrup)


Step 1: In a pan fry the beef crumbles at medium heat. Until well cook and nice smelling.

Step 1.5: Hydrate the cheese if you have dehydrated cheese.

Step 2: Add the syrup and the onions in the pan, and mix while cooking.

Step 3: Put the Nachos in the oven at 350F for 10 minutes.

Step 3.5: Shred all the cheese if you don’t have dehydrated cheese.

Step 4: Once ready take the Nachos out of the oven, and spread the shredded cheese all over the nachos chips.

Step 5: Put the cheese cover nachos back in the oven until the cheese is well melted, then serve.

Step 6: In a bowl, take some Nachos and cover them with the cooked beef crumbles and some Salsa.

Step 7: Enjoy with you friend while watching hockey, football or Martian soccer.

We were supposed to get nachos that night, but because of the limit of our tool, we decided to combine the nachos and the beef crumbles in a spectacular delicious mess of cheese, carbs and corn chips.

As always please try this at home. Very little supervision is require, and to eat. Please enjoy.