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Recipe for Deep Fried Salmon Marinade

November 15, 2016

Here is a seafood recipe that is mostly used in Antarctica and once in the ISS. Indication on how to get some included. This is about the same principal then, for the Spacey Antarctician Stir-Fried Seafood recipe posted before. This is probably the easiest recipe we had, but the hardest to have.

Spacey Antarctician deep fried salmon marinade: (for 7 Space cadets or their Antarctic equivalent)

1 packet of deep fried salmon marinade (from Kyoku Syoku) / person
1 packet of flavored deep-fried eggplant (from Kyoku Ssyoku) / person
2 Cup + 190 ml of water / person
1 Cup of Rice / person

Note: Other recipes like this will come, so please stay tuned.

Step 1: Add 1 cup of rice with 2 cups of water in pressure cooker.

Step 2: Boil the 190 ml of water left.

Step 3: Open both packets and get the inside bowl next to the plate.

Step 4: Serve the rice once it is ready

Step 5: Verse 120 ml of water in the deep fried salmon marinade container. Wait 2 minutes.

Step 6: Verse 70ml of water in the Flavored deep-fried Eggplant. Wait 1 minute.

Step 7: Enjoy.

Everyone very much this meal. It was filled with excitement and wonder. Seeing the meal come to life transform us all into kids discovering something new. This was by far my favorite meal we had so far. I can’t wait for the next one, can’t wait to see what it will be.

This meal was made by Kyoku Syoku.