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Recipe for Π(Z^2)A

November 25, 2016

pizza-1 pizza-3 pizza-2

Food Report for of November 2016.

Π(Z^2)A: (for Very mathematically hungry martian with a taste of home)


Cheesy Pizza
Tomato paste
Dehydrated dice tomatoes
Dehydrated cheddar
Dehydrated mozzarella

White sauce Pizza
Dehydrated slice potato
Dehydrated corn
Dehydrated cheddar
Dehydrated mozzarella

Sausage pizza
Tomato paste
Dehydrated cheddar
Dehydrated mozzarella
Dehydrated sausage crumbles

Note: This is how we made it with the ingredients at hand, Jalapenos, spinach is ingredients we could have added but it is possible to add anything you want, AS LONG AS YOU EAT IT, that is the rule no cheating.

Preparing the dough
Step PtD – 1: Fist of all you want to hydrate all your ingredients. Better to do it now than having to wait or to have crunchy vegetables and cheese later on. Also preheat the oven at 400F.

Step PtD – 2: In a big mixing bowl, put enough flour. Enough is not a precise measurement unit but enough for each plate, that will go in the oven, that you will have to cover. If you don’t have enough you can always add some later.

Step PtD – 3: Add the water and other spice you want to dough to have like salt. I can already ear your questions, how much water is enough ? The answer is simple put some mix the dough, add more water until the dough is elastic enough to cover use a rolling pin and to flatten to dough with a thickness of half a centimeter. If the you added too much water, you can add some flour, if there isnt’t enough flour add some more.

Step PtD – 4: Once the dough is flatten cover a flat plate to will co in the oven, it should usually shape as a rectangle or a circle, but any geometrical shape will work fine. You can cut the excess of dough if you have any and put it back in the mix for future use.

Making the Cheezy Pizza
Step MtCP – 1: In a new mixing bowl put the tomato sauce and all the other spices you want to mix in the mix. If you don’t want to add anything, save the planet and pour the tomato sauce directly on the flatten dough.

Step MtCP – 2:  Spray the hydrated dice tomatoes all over the tomato paste, you can put as much as you want, or any other vegetables you might want.

Step MtCP – 3: Mix the Cheddar and Mozzarella cheeses and cover the whole pizza. I like to think the more is the best, but you don’t want to put too much cheese, a nice thick layer is good. Too much cheese will make it hard to pick up once it is cook, and will keep you dough wet.

Step MtCP – 4: Put the pizza in the oven, it will be ready when the cheese start to get all melted and start to get golden brown near the edge or more you decide who crispy you want it.

Making the White sauce Pizza
Step MtWSP – 1: Spread the mayonnaise over the dough in order to cover it all completely. It may seems strange but I guaranty you that it is good and safe. It is very popular in japan.

Step MtWSP – 2: Cover the mayonnaise layer with slice potatoes.

Step MtWSP – 3: Spray the corn over the potatoes.

Step MtWSP – 4: Cover the corn sprayed potatoes with a nice layer of cheese.

Step MtWSP – 5: If you want meat option cover the cheese with tuna. Also spices are good  at this stage. Tuna can also go under the cheese or just add more cheese over the tuna. Just be careful to not add too much cheese. Cheese has a tenancy to keep the dough wet and not crispy. You are now warn.

Step MtWSP – 6: Put the white sauce pizza in the oven until the cheese is all melted and start to get golden brown near the edge or more you decide who crispy you want it.

Making the Sausage pizza
Step MtSP – 1: Spread the tomato sauce on the dough. You can add spices here like pepper, salt, habanero powder or other stuff like mushroom, onions, etc… the power is yours only.

Step MtSP – 2: Mix the cheeses to create a mixture of cheese.

Step MtSP – 3: Spread over the tomato sauce around three quarter of the cheese mix, uniformly.

Step MtSP – 4: Spray the sausage crumble all over the pizza.

Step MtSP – 5: Cover everything with all that is remaining of cheese. You can also add spices here.

Step  MtSP – 6: Put the pizza in the oven. For how long ? Until the cheese is melted and that is start to get golden brown around the edge, or more you decide who crispy you want it.

The end ?
Step TE? – 1 : Once the pizza is cooked, cut in single portions size slice and serve to everyone that is hungry or that just wan to eat.

We didn’t thought it would be possible to have Pizza deliver on Mars, so town is too far away, so we made your own pizza from scratch. It was a huge success and even Jerry , our pack rat wanted to have a share. Since he was punish we didn’t gave him any and ate it all. Delicious and marvelous, even the mayonnaise one that we all were a little suspicious of.

As always please try this at home. Very little supervision is require to make or eat. Please enjoy.