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Pelmeni & Vareniki Russian Dumpling Recipe

November 17, 2016

Here is a  main meal where we learn that dumpling aren’t only a Chinese dish, but is a very multicultural dish since almost every nation has a variation of that dish. For this time around we had Russian version of dumplings, more particularly the Pelmini and Varenki versions.

Food Report for the 17th of November 2016.

Pelmeni & Vareniki Russian dumpling: (for new experiance hungry guest, friends and familly)

        Dumpling dough:
1,3 kg of white flour, (x2 if you do Pelmeni and Vareniki dumpling)
600 g of water, and (x2 if you do Pelmeni and Vareniki dumpling)
6 tsp of egg powder. (x2 if you do Pelmeni and Vareniki dumpling)

        Pelmeni filling:
1 kg of dehydrated beef crumbles, and
2 Cup of dehydrated onions

        Vareniki filling
3 Cup of dehydrated mushrooms,
1 Cup of dehydrated onions,

Making the Dough
Step MtD – 1  : Mix the powdered eggs and water.

Step MtD – 2 : Add the flour in the mix while stirring. Once homogeneous, reserve for 20-30 minutes. (if you didn’t start making the filling, start Step 1 of your selected variation)

Step MtD – 3 :  Roll the dough until it get half a centimeter think.

Step MtD – 4 : Cut the dough in circles of 2-4 cm of diameter. Reserve until the fillings are ready.

Making the Pelmeni Filling
Step MtPF – 1 : Soak the beef crumbles for 30 minutes

Step MtPF – 2 : Fry the onions with vegetable oil, stop frying before the onions start changing color.

Step MtPF – 3 : Mix the beef crumbles in the onions and finish cooking them, until the texture is to your enjoyment.

Making the Vareniki Filling
Step MtVF – 1 : Soak the mushroom for 30 minutes

Step MtVF – 2 : Make the mash potatoes  from flake mash potatoes with your favorite brand  following the recipe carefully.

Step MtVF – 3 : Fry the onions along side the mushroom with olive oil.

Step MtVF – 4 : Add the mash potatoes with fried mixed and mix well.

Finishing the Dumpling
Step FtD – 1 : In a circle of flatten dough, add a small quantity of wished filling.

Step FtD – 2 : Close the circle by taking a corner and pulling it on top of the opposite side corner covering the filling, to make a fat half circle.

Step FtD – 3 : Repeat steps FtD-1 to FtD-2 until you are out of filling or dough.

Step FtD – 4 : Serve all your guess, family, friends and yourself.

This meal was gracefully made to us by Anastasiya who really went our of her way to make the best dumpling possible. Not all were perfect but all tasted superbly awesome. This meal is best serve with a side of sour creme. Since we didn’t have dehydrated sour creme, nor that sour creme is not self stable we had to eat our portions with salsa, which was also a very good options.

As always please try this at home. Very little supervision is require, and to eat. Please enjoy.

Varenki Russian Dumpling

Varenki Russian Dumpling

Pelmini Verenki Russian Dumpling

Pelmini Verenki Russian Dumpling

Palmeni Russian Dumpling

Palmeni Russian Dumpling