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EVA Narrative – November 7th

November 7, 2016


Jon Clarke


View towards San Rafael Swell

Today we completed the set of four comparison trails between suited and non-suited VAs with a suited EVA to a location past Factory Butte.  We had a glorious afternoon to do our EVA in, with glorious scenery across the edge of the San Rafael Swell.  This was the same area we worked in non-suited yesterday.  To avoid replication I avoided sites I have documented the day before, to keep the comparison valid I worked on similar features.  This was aided by the consistent geology and geomorphology.


Shadow of things to come

Our activities were documented by still photography, time-lapse photography and video by the expedition members not taking part in the EVA.  The whole proceedings were masterfully supervised by our expedition Principal Investigator Shannon.  Results of the EVA will need much analysis but I can make some personal observations.


Downhill all the way

Despite the steepness of the terrain I was able to access all the areas I had accessed unsuited, although sometimes by taking easier routes.  I was able to repeat all the observations of the geology and geomorphology made the previous day, albeit taking somewhat longer. Eith these trials complete we are looking forward to recommencing the normal EVA cycle of operations the day after tomorrow when we have debriefed and processed today’s data.


Per ardua ad Martem