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EVA Narrative – November 2nd

November 3, 2016

Jon Clarke

Figure 1

Theatre of Operations

Not everything that is done in Mars analogue research station needs to done “in sim” to be useful  Sometimes specific studies need to be done which require out of sim observers, testing specific technologies, or comparison of operations both in and out of sim need to be done.  Such research has been performed since the earliest days at MDRS and has included some of the most valuable work that has been done.  Such controlled experiments help us understand the variables that might influence operations on Mars and how they could be improved.

Figure 2

PI Shannon Rupert briefing the team prior to unsuited EVA.

The last two days we have been working on one such trial, comparing EVA operations in and out o the simulated space suits.  Yesterday a team consisting of Annalea, Anushree, Yusuke, and Jon carried out their normal field work within a specified and for a specific period.  Today they repeated the work but wearing just flight suits and field gear.  The field area and study objectives were selected, designed, and supervised by the Mars 160 Principle Investigator, Shannon Rupert.

Figure 3

Anastasiya filming.

Our work area was a beautiful alcove valley a few hundred metres of Jurassic sandstone, conglomerate, and shale, all of the Salt Wash Member of the Morrison Formation.  There were beautiful sedimentary structures exposed in the cliffs, fossils, including fossil wood and burrows, and lichen colonies on fallen boulders.  The team studied the stratigraphy, lithology, and lichens, documenting everything with field notes, drawings, and photographs.   All activities were filmed by Anastasiya.

Figure 4

Looking for lichens-suited.

Back at the station we debriefed our experiences with each other and with Shannon.  The next two EVAs will be similar in objective and execution but in a different location.  We are looking forward to them!

Figure 5

Looking for lichens-unsuited.