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Sol Summary – November 15th

November 15, 2016

Sol Summary Report
Sol# 53

Person filling out report: Annalea Beattie

Summary Title:  A Glorious Autumn day

Mission Status: On track

Sol Activity Summary:

These days under the guidance of Claude-Michel, we all care for the plants straight after breakfast, looking out for algae and other incidentals. I have not bonded with my tomatoes, which is probably why one is extremely unwell. Jon and Anastasiya went out on a hypolith and soil sampling EVA on the ATVs. They were away for three hours and eighteen minutes and did five hypolith quadrats, which is a bit of a record.

Alex and Yusuke were outside on an engineering EVA for one hour, thirty two minutes with the key purpose of testing Alex’s suit interface. At the same time they checked and pumped out water from the trailer to static tanks and also filled up the ATVs with fuel.

This afternoon we spread out working across the whole research station, probably for the first time. Anu processed yesterday’s hypolith data in the laboratory. Jon also processed his data from this morning’s EVA in the lab. In the afternoon, Yusuke, with Anastasiya and Claude-Michel assembled the parts of the Yusuke’s dome in the Green Hab as large as possible, ready to set up the project outside next week. Alex and I worked in the hab.

We are eating out our cupboards until our ship comes in but still living well with yellow curry porridge with vegetables for lunch and pasta with pesto for tea, followed by Yusuke’s cheesecake. I can hear you salivating as I write these words, especially about the porridge and believe me, it was good! Early night tonight.

Make sure you check Alex’s photo report on last night’s Super Moon EVA.

Reports Submitted to CapCom:

  1. Sol Summary- Annalea
  2. Plant Report -Alex
  3. Night Eva – Alex
  4. Food report-Claude-Michel
  5. Pictures – YES
  6. Photo of the Day – Certainly.

MDRS lessons:

Everyone knows every thing but we still don’t know.

Plans: No EVA tomorrow. Soil and sample processing.

Crew Physical Status: Even. Some of us hungry for meat, but not hungry.

Weather: warm and sunny.

Anomalies: Nahi.