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Science Report – November 8th

November 8, 2016

Usually fossilized sea shells are found lying on the ground. They give indication on the surrounding geological formations and their period on Earth history when they have been made.

During the dual EVA suited/unsuited experiment I found very unusual place where to find fossilized sea shells. I was walking around the boulders scattered on the East side of Valley of the Stars when I decided to climb a small one. And then I found these piece of shells on a little basin of this big rock.

Figure 1



How did they get there?

Has not that rock moved for millions of years when it was under water and harbor these creatures? Looking at the place it seems unlikely since the rocks look that they just fall yesterday.

Someone or something bring them here? But from where and why? We have spent 8x2x2 crew hours on this area investigating the place. No one found other fossilized sea shells around.

The mystery remains…