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Sol Journal for October 1st

October 1, 2016

This report was filed by Anastasiya Stepanova- Crew Journalist

Thunder and rain on Mars? The station shakes a bit from strong wind, but we feel safe. Strangely, the habitat became our home too fast. Every cabin has its own little detail, which can define crew member. White with a drop of mint now is our bedroom color. The room of executive officer is filled with variety of gadgets. Japan always surprise us with new technological inventions and Yusuke Murakami sticks to this tradition here too. Almost everything we were lacking in the hab we could find in “Yusuke’s magic box”. The girl next door is an astrobiologist Anushree Srivastava with tidy room and little Ganesha statue in it. If you see the game controller, big headphones than you are in Claude-Michel Laroche’s cabin. Computer games, technology and internet is sacred for our crew engineer. Is somebody preparing to go hiking? That how you can describe the room of Dr. Jon Clarke. Crew geologist is always ready to hit the road to collect new samples. Glitter bathroom bag, red suitcase and pink T-shirts – that is definitely a blonde’s room. To add some brains to the room I also brought little decorative banner with symbolic of Russian Institute of Biomedical Problems. Yes, your narrator will do some human factor research. The only cabin, which has a window or better say a porthole, is a commander space. 17 inches diagonal PC, boxes with Raspberry PI, wires, cables decorates Alexandre Mangeot’s room.  Finally, the most unusual 7th room, well it is actually a loft on top of all our cabins, where lives crew artist. Annalea Beattie made out of just floor and roof a cozy, warm space with an artistic touch with different styles of lamps, flowers and fishes drawings on the boxes, collected Martian stones and paintbrushes. Although we are all so different, but we have one common thing in our room a “Tenugui” towel or our crew Martian flag. It traveled all the way from Japan, where Yusuke made a design and his friend handmade colored it. The graphics are: seven of us in a space suits, Mars habitat and a Martian alien. First raw shows that Martian is angry to see Earthlings, but falls in love with us when you get to the third raw. And to finish our weird decoration of the station Jon and Annalea brought an Australian koala astronaut. Kim looks after us in the dining room sitting on the edge of the porthole!