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Science Post – Sol 20

October 19, 2016

Science Post
Sol 20 – Minutes spent during Science & Engineering Extra-vehicular
Activity (EVA) so far!

By Crew Biologist Anushree Srivastava

It is Sol 20, and after many strenuous extra-vehicular activities
performed by the MARS 160 crew at MDRS, it is worth documenting and
acknowledging how many minutes the crew spent performing rigorous
science and engineering extra-vehicular activities. Our Executive
Officer Yusuke Murakami did this exemplary job by generating this data
for individual crew members. So the entire crew spent 9119 minutes
outside the “Martian” vehicle under the scorching heat, in totality.
EVAs are physically demanding and sampling in full simulation suit
makes it even more challenging and painstaking. The crew carries
approximately 17-18 kg on their bodies when they egress the habitat in
total, including sampling tools and any extra baggage or gadget. With
this heavy weight, they reach difficult locations, they walk as well
as ride ATV on bumpy terrains, they climb the cliffs and slippery
mounds, they collect samples, and they generate the media to send back
to Earth. Although EVAs are challenging, they provide the crew with
the opportunity to actually demolish their wall of comfort and go out
to perform their respective mission activities. Sometimes, the crew
members get cross-trained on field to be able to replace the experts
when needed.  EVAs are essential for the success of the mission
although they demand your sweat, thirst, and sometimes bruised bodies.

Individual Crew Members and the minutes they spent during EVAs:

Commander Dr Alex Mangeot                    817 minutes              9.0 %
Crew Journalist Anastasia Stepanova         836 minutes              9.2 %
Crew Engineer Claude-Michel Lorche         1070 minutes             11.7 %
Health & Safety Officer Annalea Beattie    1317 minutes             14.4 %
Executive Officer Yusuke Murakami           1475 minutes             16.2 %
Crew Biologist Anushree Srivastava           1627 minutes             17.8 %
Crew Geologist Dr Jon Clarke                    1977 minutes             21.7 %

Kudos to these “Martian” explorers!  Many more EVAs to come!








Figure: MARS 160 – Seven Analog Astronauts During EVAs!