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Recipe for Russian Sunset Potatoes

October 8, 2016

Food Report for the 8th of October 2016.

Russian sunset potatoes : (for any number of carbs eaters)

A dash of Paprika.

A handful of dried Bell pepper,
A handful of dried Tomatoes,
A few cups of dried slice Potatoes,
A hand full of dried chopped onions,
A dash of dried Jalapeno pepper.

A dash of salt

Note: Adjust the amount of vegetables base on how much you feel like eating. We had about 4 times more potatoes than all the other vegetables combine, but any other proportions is fine too. Go with your guts. Be careful with the dried jalapeno pepper, they can turn to be very spicy.

Step 1: Soak all the vegetables, beside the jalapeno pepper, in a mixing bowl, reserve for 1 hour.

Step 2: Once the vegetables are well hydrated, remove the excess of water.

Step 3: Heat a large pan to medium low heat with some vegetable oil.

Step 4: Cook all the vegetables in the pan.

Step 5: Add the paprika with the jalapeno pepper, mix well and stir for 15 minutes.

This Dish is simple, delicious and full of energy, great to prepare for the next EVA or to refuel after one.

As mentioned, in yesterday food report, we ate this with the 3,1415pinash, both are awesome together. Full of carbs and full of taste.

Enjoy and as usual, please try this at home.