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A Recipe for Breakfast Rolls

October 3, 2016

This report was submitted by Claude-Michel Laroche – Crew engineeer


Breakfast rolls: (for 10 rolls)

–    128g of powdered eggs ( or 12 eggs).
–    2 cup of water.
–    10 yellow corn tortillas.
–    10g dehydrated diced tomato.
–    10g dehydrated chopped onions.
–    10g dehydrated parsley flakes.

Possible variation: Add some cheddar cheese in the eggs mixture. To add consistency to the mix.

Note: You can add the diced tomato, chopped onions and parsley as much or as little as you want. up to personal taste.

Step 1: Hydrate the dehydrated tomatoes, onions and parsley.

Step 2: Heat a pan on medium low heat.

Step 3: Mix the powdered eggs and water in a bowl, until homogeneous.

Step 4: Incorporate the hydrate vegetable of step 1 into the egg mixtures of step 3.

Step 5: Cook, while steering, the eggs mixture in the pan until the texture of the mix is reach.
Note: We suggest that the eggs mixture should start holding in small chunks but should stay moist for better taste.

Step 6: Separate the cooked egg mixture in ten equals portions.

Step 7: Heat the tortilla bread in a microwave for thirty seconds.

Step 8:  Fill the middle of a tortilla with a portion of egg mixture.

Step 9: Roll two opposites side of the tortilla bread until they reach each other, leaving the end of the roll open.

Step 10: Eat and Enjoy with friends.

Alexandre and breakfast monster