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Creative Report for October 3rd

October 3, 2016

Note: This report should be read while playing this audio file: wind-sound-from-inside-the-hab


This Creative report was submitted by Claude-Michel Laroche – crew engineer:

What is this whisper in my ears.? It is getting louder and louder.
I have to discover where is it from.
This nightmarish sound can only heard when sailing with Neptune, they told me. I thought Neptune was a planet, this doesn’t make any sense.
I can’t figure it out. Ever since I was born in the plains of Cydonia I never heard a sound like this. This sounds like it is coming from a place where no one should go.
Time is running out, I am sure I am capable of this.
The second hint they gave me is that it is a force of nature, capable of destroying mountains. This is not the sound of a nuclear blast.
Only a strong force is capable of such a destructive power. Let me think. A powerful force or a smaller one on a long period of time.
On Mars, mountain are almost eternal, only us, humans can change the landscape.
Back on Earth, tsunamis can have devastating destructive effect on the landmass. Tidal waves, large masses of water moving toward the land. Sometimes they can even be moved by the wind.
That’s it, Eureka, as my teacher always saying, whatever that means, this is it. This is the sound of the wind. A powerful gust of wind.

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