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Commander’s Log – October 26th

October 26, 2016

Commander log – 2nd entry
by Alexandre Mangeot

Sol: 27
UTC Date: October 26th 2016
Crew status
Morale: Optimal and stable
Health: No serious issue, minor injury occurred earlier this week
Workload: Overload this week with Heather’s experiments setup, no break for 9 days in row
Personal status
Morale: Optimal
Health: Weight stable, increasing tendency
Workload: My projects are behind time
Food: Ok, small resupply arrived yesterday
Water: Ok, around one tank and half from my last estimation
Laboratory hardware: Still missing
Med kit: Incomplete
Connectivity: Optimal reliability (tanks to Bernard’s router), blew the data allowance twice this week due to support for Heather’s experiments and probably an update from someone else computer
Personal notes
Aside benign disagreements, the crew is working smoothly. Step by step I have assigned other responsibilities to some crew-members:
– Jon/Geologist: plan the EVAs and report back to me
– Anastasiya/Journalist: manage and plan the reports for all of us

I feel like a steady state has been reached.
The steady state should allow me to work more on my projects that are paused as long as necessary until the rest of the crew can work efficiently.