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A recipe for Fortune Kaki-age

October 6, 2016


Food Report for 6th of October 2016.

Fortune Kaki-age: (for all you guest and some more)

10 eggs (or powder eggs)
around 2 cup of white flour
1 cup of water
A handful of dehydrated leak leaves.
A handful of dehydrated carrots
A handful of dehydrated sweet corn.
A handful of dehydrated chopped onions.
A dash of dehydrated cabbage.

Note: You can add as much or as little hydrated vegetable as you want. up to personal taste. But the more you add the more water you will need

Step 1: Hydrate the vegetable for at least 15 minutes and reserve.

Step 2: Empty the eggs in a mixing bowl, mixed the eggs until homogeneous and reserve in cold. If  you are using powder eggs, fellow instruction for the right amount require.

Step 3: Once the vegetable are well hydrated, insert the flour in the egg bowl and mix them until homogeneous. If you feel that you need more or less flour, it up to your taste. The more flour, the more the final result will hold.

Step 4: Insert the vegetable in the egg and flour mix, and mix them together.

Step 5: Fill a sauce pan with vegetable oil, in a way that you have at least 5 cm of oil in the saucepan. The more oil you have, the bigger the result will be possible. Less oil will just make the Kaki-age thinner.

Step 6: Take a sphere of vegetable and deep fry the mix until it is well fry.

Step 7: Redo Step 6 until no mix of vegetable, egg and flour is left.

Step 8: Reserve the end product to not burn your guess.

DISCLOSURE: I also want to add that no Yusuke was burn, fry, badly treated in the making of this meal. Only some unlucky vegetable had to be deep fried for the sake of the hungry crew.

Try it at home and let us know how you much enjoyed it or not.