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Commander Report – November 22nd

November 22, 2016

Commander log – 3rd entry
by Alexandre Mangeot

Sol: 60
UTC Date: November 22nd 2016

Crew status
Morale: Optimal and stable
Health: No issue, tired
Workload: Borderline given the tiredness of the crew

Personal status
Morale: Mitigate
Health: Exhausted
Workload: Overwhelmed

Food: Ok, resupply expected soon
Water: Running short (trailer tank stuck near the solar arrays)
Laboratory hardware: Furniture arrived last week
Med kit: Received
Connectivity: Good and data allowance managed

Personal notes
Strange feeling to feels like it is the end of the mission (still 1/4 left) and in the same time have the sensation that the remaining weeks will be the hardest because of the combo work to do and tiredness.

As I was reporting last time, the steady state has been reached and allowed me to work more on my projects.

Currently preparing for the end the mission. The logistic needs to be carefully planned.