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Archive: 25 Sep 2016

Sol Journal for September 25th

September 25, 2016 | Permalink

This report was filed by today by Anastasiya Stepanova – Crew Journalist:

Hello, here is summary/journalist report!

The wanderers…far from civilization in the southern desert of Utah, alone with just seven of them fighting with the nature and preparing for the biggest challenge in their life.

Mars Society inspires young minds for many years. More than a thousand people all over the world have explored what it is like to live on Mars. But for the first time in the history of Mars Society the mission lasts 160 days and takes place in different terrains.

Mars 160 Analogue Mission is divided into two parts: Mars Desert 80 days at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah and Mars Arctic 80 days at the Flashline Mars Station at Devon island. It is not just another isolation experiment, it is science field Mars exploration analogue experiment. The major part of crew activities will be geology and microbiology in cooperation with a remote science team from NASA’s Ames Research Center and Canadian Museum of Nature. Human factor studies will be supported by Colorado University, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute of Biomedical Problems, Stanford University.

During past two years Robert Zubrin (president of Mars Society) and Shannon Rupert (mission’s principal investigator, director of Mars Desert Research Station) selected and tested candidates for the crew Mars 160. Who are they? Well, you can call them the space enthusiasts, outside of this world creatures or a future Martians!

Alexandre Mangeot – crew commander (France);
Yusuke Murakami – crew executive officer (Japan);
Jonathan Clarke – crew geologist (Australia);
Claude-Michel Laroche – crew engineer (Canada);
Paul Knightly – crew geologist (USA);
Annalea Beattie – crew health and safety officer (Australia);
Anushree Srivastava – crew biologist (India);
Shannon Rupert – back-up crew (USA).

And let me introduce myself, as I will be your ears, eyes and soul of this journey to Mars: Anastasiya Stepanova – crew journalist (Russia).

The wanderers are pleased to share their journey with the planet Earth!